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What is Sacred Intimacy?

Sacred Intimacy is a way of approaching erotic pleasure as healing, transformative soul work.

It is the practice and perspective of sexuality as a blessed, celebratory experience, with the power to heal and transform that should be available to all who need it.

It's not:

  • petty and possessing
  • monogamous and limiting
  • damaging or reckless
  • obligatory
  • superficial
  • clingy
  • hurtful

It is:

  • open and giving
  • adventurous and exploratory 
  • a safe place to be vulnerable
  • generous
  • soulful   
  • freeing
  • healing

Erotic energy is a path to the Divine and connection to our Highest Selves.

A Sacred Intimate is someone who works with this energy, using their conscious intent and unique gifts to help others experience it as well. Sacred Intimacy takes many forms, but is primarily a somatic practice. One that is heart-centered and holistic in nature, encompassing your spiritual, emotional, mental, physical, and sexual energies.

Sacred Intimacy is an expression of universal love through the experience of erotic pleasure. 

Sacred intimates are professionals who help others access the joy and power of erotic energy. It is a career and a calling. We teach technologies of ecstasy.
— Caffyn Jesse, Eros Spirit